Bystanders is our company's first project.  In this devised piece, we focus on a passive bystander of a sexual assault. The play deconstructs masculinity and bro-culture, seeking to open conversation about rape culture in our community.


First Performance: December 12th, 2015

Devising Team:
Jack Dentinger, Aubyn Heglie, Megan Forster, Nix LoPinto, Timiki Salinas
Original Production Team:
Director - Jack Dentinger
Scenographer - Nikki LoPinto
Stage Manager - Brennan Cole
Media Design - Samantha Brown
Lighting Design - Jacob Wesson

Original Cast:
Charles - Freddy Miyares
Julia - Aleyse Shannon
Nick - Henry Ayres-Brown 

Ensemble- William Brosnohan, John Clay III, Orlando Davis, Patrick Davis, Megan Forster, Aubyn Heglie, Sam O'Byrne, Timiki Salinas, Leon Schwendener, Adam Stern-Rand, Alex Wanebo




Phone: (412) 254-3147

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