Dr. Rees Ziti's Peageant for a Better Future

Created by The Bellwether Project and Lauren Wimmer

Written by Lauren Wimmer

Directed by Jack Dentinger

Produced by Bixby Elliot, Aubyn Heglie

Original Production Team

Stage Manager - Samantha Blinn

Costume Design - Nix LoPinto

Set Design - Kassidy Curtis-Lugo

Lighting Design - Jacob Wesson

Sound Design - Caroline Eng

Original Music - Billy Recce

Dramaturgy - Rebecca Hermenze

Choreography - Timiki Salinas & Emilia Suarez

Assistant Costume Design - Lilly Cunicelli

Original Cast

Restin - Iris Beaumier*

Peiddle - Ariel Neema Blake

Manchini - Carlo Bosticco*

Tesha - Avalon Christie

Ceptia - Chantelle Guido*

Renner - Isabel Pask*

Dr. Rees Ziti - Carson McCalley*

Seloppie - Emilia Suarez

Deffy - Saisha Talwar

Linguine - Marc David Wright

Rae-Yuna - María José Zuniga

Voice Over Aritist - Kennedy McMann

* Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association



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