First In/Last Out

First In/Last Out was presented at the 2018 Dance/Light Festival at Carnegie Mellon University. This piece explores the relationship between memory loss and relationships by placing the audience as the patient in question. This piece is dedicated to Company Member's Megan Forster's grandfather. 

Choreography Team: Aubyn Heglie, Jack Dentinger, Jacob Wesson, Megan Forster, Timiki Salinas, Nikki LoPinto

Production Team:

Sound Designer- Javier Galarza

Costume Designer- Mohan Yeh

Lighting Designer- Alex Gibson


The Little Girl- Emily Suarez

The Lover- Aubyn Heglie

The Hollywood Dancers- Jada Mayo/Daniel Neale

The Sibling- Essence Stiggers

The Nurse- Lauren Medina 

Photo Credit: Louis Stein



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