(in)alienable is a new webseries that follows Santiago: a gay, first-generation Latinx American, as he struggles to continue his carefree lifestyle as he is faced with the harsh reality of having his identity politicized in the current political climate. His best friend Margot is uncertain about her recent exploration of sexuality and both are striving for a sense of normalcy through this turbulent time in their lives.


Writing Team: Timiki Salinas, Megan Forster, Jack Dentinger, Aubyn Heglie, Nikki LoPinto


Creative Team:

Director: Jack Dentiner, Nikki LoPinto

Director of Photography: Kevin Galloway

Art Director: Sasha Mieles & Paloma Sierra

1st AD: Adira Rosen

Costume Designer: Nikki LoPinto

Sound Designer: Javier Galarza & Nicholas Erikson



Santiago- Timiki Salinas

Margot- Megan Forster

Bekkah- Aubyn Heglie

Luis- LH Gonzalez

Lineth- Emilia Suarez

Daniel- William Brosnohan


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