Night Witches

Night Witches is the epic tale of five women pilots, each with a heroic tale of resistance during World War Two. Based on the true story of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, the only all-female military regiment in Russian history, Night Witches tackles the triumphs and horrors of war, transnational feminism, and the untold story of women in the greatest war of modern history. 

First Performance: August 18th, 2016

Writing Team: Aubyn Heglie, Nikki LoPinto, Timiki Salinas, Megan Forster, Jack Dentinger

Original Production Team:
Director -Jack Dentinger
Scenographer -Nikki LoPinto
Stage Manager -Jenna Meyers
Lighting Design -Jacob Wesson
Sound Design -Dan Lastres
Technical Direction -Monica Skrzypczak


Original Cast:
Nadia -Aubyn Heglie
Katya/Catriona -Aleyse Shannon
Nina/Eva -Megan Forster
Vera/Valerie -Alex Wanebo
Sonya/Saya -Madhura Jugade



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